External Website Selection


It is our goal to provide sites that will be useful to KCVU students and the people of Kentucky without being a comprehensive collection of web sites. External websites are currently being added to two sections: the Virtual Reference Desk and Government Information.

We use the following criteria to add websites to this collection:

A website will be added to the KCVL Reference Desk Resources if:

-It has been used to answer a question received at the KCVL help desk more than once.
-It supports a KCVU class.
-It supports research on the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
-It supports the information needs of the people of Kentucky

-It is evaluated as a quality website*.

*Evaluating Websites for inclusion:
  • Are the author's position, training, and /or experience appropriate to the topic of the document?
  • Is the research traceable?
  • Is the scope and purpose of the document clearly stated?
  • Is the information accurate?
  • Is the website stable? Does it have a stable URL or a PURL? Has it been available for a reasonable period of time? Are you able to connect to it each time you attempt to go there?
  • Does the website indicate the date it was last updated?
  • Does the document cover a topic that adds to the breadth and balance of information in the KCVL website?
  • If the topic of the document is covered by other site included in the KCVL website, does the site being considered cover it better?
Organization and Design:
  • Is the website design is clean and easy to use? Are there lots of flashing ads? Is it easy to find the information you need on the page?

Website Annotation:
Annotation will be written in full sentences and ideally should cover such information as: What does this site cover? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Who was the author or sponsor? What is its purpose? What makes it unique? If text is taken verbatim from the website being described then that text should be in quotes. The ideal annotation is not more than 50 words long.

Overall Website Classification Scheme
The same classification scheme is used in the KCVL website whenever a subject classification scheme is needed. The classification is based in the Library of Congress classification system with major headings being:
General and Reference (A)
Psychology and Philosophy (B)
Archeology and Genealogy (C)
History(D, E and F)
Geography and Anthropology (G)
Social Sciences (H)
Political Science and Law (J and K)
Education (L)
Humanities (M, N and P)
Science (Q)
Medicine and Nursing (R)
Agriculture and Technology (S and T)

Process by which external websites are added to the KCVL collection:

Suggest a website to add.

Last updated: 10/8/99

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