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Business & Economics: General (KY) | Employment (KY) | Taxes (KY and U.S.) |General (US) | Business (US) Census (U.S.)

Business & Economics: General (KY)

Appalachian Center (Univ. of KY)
This multi-disciplinary institute links University of Kentucky resources with Appalachian communities in order to "support community-based solutions to regional problems, increase awareness of Appalachian Kentucky and provide technical support to citizens and colleagues." It includes a collection of Appalachian maps, Appalachian demographic data, and a guide to community and economic development organizations serving Eastern Kentucky. Many free full-text reports are available online from Appalachian Center Publications .
The Economic Importance of Military Activity in Kentucky
This report covers the background, fiscal impact and effects of military activity in the state.
Kentucky Auditor of Public Accounts
This site contains over 300 searchable audits online, including audits of county fiscal courts, sheriffs' offices and statewide audits, the Biennial Report of the Auditor, free software and educational material and a fraud alert e-mail link.
Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development
This site includes everything you need to know to start and run a business in the state of Kentucky. Many full-text resources are available here including the Kentucky Business Guide, the Cabinet's Newsletter, press releases, Statistical Factsheets and much more.
Long-term Policy Research Center
This center provides research, data analysis, long-term strategic planning, coordination of resources and information across different branches and agencies of government and outreach to the public. The website includes a searchable database of recent articles produced by the Center on a variety of subjects ranging from Agriculture to Welfare and Poverty. Many of these articles, including Entrepreneurs and Small Business: Kentucky's Neglected Natural Resource, are available in full-text online (PDF format).
Secretary of State
This site provides free online services and forms such as the Kentucky On-line Business Database , Business Filing Forms and many other useful forms.
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Business & Economics: Employment(KY)

Employment Services, Dept. for
If you are looking for a job or looking for an employee, this website is a good place to start. The Department for Employment Services offers services for workers, employers and veterans plus information about the labor market such as Current Employment Statistics and unemployment benefits. See America's Job Bank for nationwide job listings. Prefer to keep your skills at work here in the Bluegrass? Then check Kentucky's Job Bank or for a state government position see Kentucky Personnel Cabinet.
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Business & Economics: Taxes (KY and U.S.)

Internal Revenue Service (Federal Tax Forms)
IRS tax information is found here. This site from the Internal Revenue Service includes an extensive section of downloadable forms, IRS publications and notices from 1992 to date plus links to state tax forms and many other tax-related sites.
Revenue Cabinet (Kentucky Tax Forms)
The Revenue Cabinet web site provides access to information pertaining to taxation, plus fulltext tax publications such as Kentucky Tax Facts (PDF Format) and downloadable tax forms.
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Business & Economics: General (U.S.)

Economic Development Administration
The Economic Development Administration works in partnership with state and local governments, regional economic development districts, public and private nonprofit organizations, and Indian tribes in order to empower distressed communities to develop and implement their own economic development and revitalization strategies. The website includes information about the programs and many fulltext reports and publications which are available online. (PDF format)
International Trade Administration
The International Trade Administration site provides information and resources to help U.S. businesses participate in the global marketplace, including overseas market information, overseas business contacts, promotional opportunities, and trade statistics. The site also includes the full-text of many ITA materials released under the Freedom of Information Act.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
The OSHA site includes statistics about workplace injury and illness and the full-text of OSHA regulations, directives, manuals, bulletins and other OSHA agency memos, letters and documents.
Securities and Exchange Commission
This site includes Edgar , a searchable database of reports that corporations must file with the SEC, links to current investment news and a guide to Investor Education and Assistance.
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Business & Economics: Business (U.S.)

Commerce Business Daily
This is the free electronic version of Commerce Business Daily. Updated daily.
Commerce Department
This site provides information for and about businesses.
Labor Department
This site provides a wealth of information for businesses, including the Small Business Handbook and E-Laws,"an interactive system designed to help employers and employees understand and comply with numerous employment laws".
Minority Business Development Agency
This agency encourages the creation, growth and expansion of minority-owned businesses. Among the many features of its website are the Virtual Business Centers, a collection of websites on specialized business topics and the Resource Locator, which allows the user to search for business resources and locate them on an interactive map.
Small Business Administration
This site includes information on starting, financing and expanding a small business. It also includes links to the Kentucky Regional Office of the SBA. It also includes full-text reports such as the 1998 Kentucky Small Business State Profile
Treasury, Department of
The Treasury web site includes links to all the bureaus of the U.S. Treasury including Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, U.S. Customs Service, U.S. Mint and U.S. Secret Service.
U.S. Business Advisor
This site aims to be a one-stop access point to all business-related federal government information, services and transactions information. It includes resources for business development, financial assistance, taxes, laws and regulations, international trade, workplace issues and buying and selling. It also provides many business reference sources through its Business Reference Desk.

Business & Economics: Census (U.S.)

U.S. Census Bureau
Information from the Census Bureau, one of the largest data producing agencies in the federal government, may be accessed in a variety of ways including a title, keyword or full-text search or by using the subject index. The Census Bureau also produces Kentucky Profiles which includes statistical data for the state, each congressional district and each county and Statistics of U.S. Businesses-Kentucky which includes information about companies, establishments, employment, payroll and receipts. Check the County Business Patterns for surveys and information about businesses.
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