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Geography & Anthropology: Geography | Tourism

Geography: Kentucky

Guide to Kentucky Place Names (Univ. of KY)
This is a searchable gazetteer of Kentucky towns, landmarks, churches, cemeteries, etc. sponsored by the Kentucky Geological Survey.
Office of Geographic Information
This website allows you to view or download GIS images and spatial data of Kentucky. To date, 64 counties' images are available.
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Tourism: Kentucky

Fish & Wildlife Resources
This site includes everything you need to know about hunting, fishing, boating and wildlife in Kentucky. Order your licenses and permits online from the Marketplace. There are some fulltext sources available here, including the latest Kentucky Sport Fishing and Boating Guide (PDF format).
Kentucky Dept. of Parks
With 49 state parks, Kentucky has one of the most extensive state park systems in the U.S. Check this site for information about rates/packages/special offers, facilities, or links to the web pages of individual state parks.
Kentucky Department of Travel
This site is the "reference guide to Kentucky tourism". It has suggestions for where to go, what to do, where to stay, what to eat and coupons and discounts to help you do it all. See the Kentucky Attractions Index , an online guide to entertainment, history, and outdoors activities in Kentucky. Curious about the history of travel and tourism in the state? Read Travel and Tourism in Nineteenth Century Kentucky.

Tourism: U.S.

National Parks Service
This site offers a wealth of information about the National Park System, publications, maps, etc. The Heritage Preservation Services includes Summaries of Kentucky Civil War Battles.
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