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Throughout the Government Information pages at KCVL you will see a blue column on the left side of the Web page that will aid you in navigating through the resources we have gathered. There are 13 major subject areas that are defined below and are based on the Library of Congress Classification scheme. If you are having trouble finding what you need call or email us.

Note that many government sites require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Agriculture & Technology: Agriculture | Information Systems | Transportation

Archeology & Genealogy:

Archeology | Genealogy

Arts & Humanities: Art | Music | Literature
Business & Economics: General (KY) | Employment (KY) | Taxes (KY and U.S.) |General (US) | Business (US) Census (U.S.)


General & Reference: Kentucky | U.S.
Geography & Anthropology: Geography | Anthropology | Recreation | Tourism
History: Kentucky History | U.S. History
Medicine, Nursing: Medicine | Nursing
Philosophy and Psychology: Psychology | Philosophy | Religion
Political Science & Law: Government Finance | Justice | Legislative Information | Regulatory Agencies
Science: Environment | Geology
Social Science: Families & Children | Revenue | Workforce & Labor Development

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