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KYVL is committed to creating a reliable cost-effective state-wide system of resource sharing for Kentuckians and students of the Kentucky Virtual University. Resource sharing will complement the KYVL electronic resources by making Kentucky libraries' collections available to all users.

Resource sharing is comprised of-

  1. Ariel: an electronic document delivery transmission system used to send and receive documents over the Internet.
  2. Ground Courier Services: pickup and delivery of library materials and Kentucky Virtual University materials.
  3. Coming Soon!!-
    Patron-initiated interlibrary loan using one common interface to transmit interlibrary loan requests

Read the Service Level Agreement: Ground Courier and Electronic Document Transmision System.(PDF Format) to find out which libraries are participating.

Learn more about the Resource Sharing Workgroup

Forms and Documents


ALA Interlibrary Loan Form
Use this form with Ariel to borrow library materials.
PDF format or Word 6.0 format

Ariel IP addresses
Use this to find Ariel IP addresses for Kentucky libraries.

Ariel Use Tally Form(PDF format)
Print this form and use it to keep track of Ariel use in your library.

Frequently Asked Questions
Use this to find answers to frequently asked questions about Ariel.

National Interlibrary Loan Code
Use this to learn about the responsibilities of both borrowing and supplying libraries.

Courier Help Guide(PDF format)
Look here for everything you need to know about how to use the KYVL Courier Service.

Frequently Asked Questions
Use this to find answers to frequently asked courier questions.

Pickup/Delivery Schedule
Use this to find current delivery/route information.
By OCLC code or By Library Name

Problem Report
Use this form to report problems with courier service

Profile Sheet
Use this form to send delivery information for new courier service

Supply Sources
Need courier supplies? Use this list to find a source.


Resource Sharing Statistics Report Form
Use this form to report both Ariel and Ground Courier Statistics to KYVL.(Due by the 15th of each month)

Other Useful Links

Research Libraries Group's document delivery system for users of the Internet.

Copyright Information
Includes everything you ever wanted to know about copyright, the law, tutorials and more!

Lanter Company
Providers of the KYVL Courier Service

Kentucky Union List of Serials
This is a compilation of 179,000 serial holdings from over 170 libraries throughout Kentucky.

OCLC provides library services to libraries worldwide.

The Southeastern Library Network provides resource sharing for libraries in the southeastern United States.

Last Updated: 11/17/00

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