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What are "Library Contacts" and how did they get chosen?
There are three official KCVL library contacts at each participating KCVL library in the state of Kentucky. There is one contact for: Sometimes one person at a library might serve as a contact for all three areas. The contacts were chosen by the library directors.

What do I need on my computer workstation to access KCVL?
To make full use of KCVL you will need:
  1. a Web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer (if you are reading this then you have it already),
  2. a pdf reader like Adobe Acrobat and,
  3. Real Player to hear sound and see video. If you are unsure about following the directions on these pages to download the plug-ins, call the help desk.

    How should I link KCVL to my library's Web page?
    • We recommend that you provide a link to the KCVL from your main library page. You can use:

      or if you want to give KCVL more prominence:

    • To download these images from a PC, put your cursor over the image, click the far right button on your mouse, click on "save image as..." and save it to your local directory. The image should link to the main KCVL page at www.kcvl.org.

    What is a "home library" and how does a student choose one?
    The home library for a KCVU student is the library at the home institution where the student is enrolled. If needed, a student can designate a "pick-up" library near their home to pick up library materials. If a pick-up library is needed, the home library is to make arrangements with the pick-up library to provide services to KCVU students. The KCVL office will facilitate this service by gathering information from either the student or library and communicating to all concerned to ensure delivery of services.

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Who is authorized to use KCVL databases?
The KCVL databases are for Kentucky citizens and Kentucky institutions' students/faculty. These users are authorized to use databases because they are associated with one of the KCVL participating libraries. So anyone who walks into your library may use the databases while in your library but cannot have our ID/Password for remote access until he or she is officially registered as your patron.

Who do I call if I am having trouble accessing the databases?
Call the KCVL help desk at 1-877-740-4357. Or email us. KCVL help desk is available M-F 8-7 EST.

Where can I get fulltext articles?
There are many places that you can now get full text information. A good general database for full text is EBSCO's Academic Search Elite. To see more in depth information on the databases that are available see the Database Descriptions or go to EBSCO and click on "more info" after the database title.

What is the plan for offering interfaces to these databases?
This is what we are envisioning (with the help of committees): At the libraries around the state, KCVL will provide the WebZ interface which will be accessed through the KCVL server for all the databases we license. This will allow one interface, a common look and feel, for all databases for the end user. The library can also opt to have the native interfaces available in their library. Both the WebZ interface and the native interface will be authenticated by IP range within the library. The user id and password will allow remote access for your users (distance learners, faculty or students working from office or dorm, or public patrons working from home) through the WebZ interface. This user id and password would be changed every three to four months. The library contacts will be notified of the new usernames and passwords through the KCVL listservs.

For those libraries that wish to provide a native interface, EBSCO will provide a technical training on how to customize your interface. We will announce the time and place when they have been determined.

How will the username and password work?
The username and password will allow remote access to the databases through the WebZ interface which will be accessed through the KCVL server. (Database access in your library will be authenticated by IP). For security purposes, the username and password will be changed every three to four months. The usernames and passwords will be distributed to the library contacts through the KCVL listservs. You will be responsible for providing the username and password to your primary constituency. For instance, if you are a university, you would provide the username and password to faculty, staff and students registered at your university. If you are a public library, you would provide the username and password to the cardholders at your library. When a patron requests remote access, we advise that you give the usernames and passwords to your patrons over the phone, through traditional mail, or ask the patron to come into the library for them.

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Document Delivery

How will ILL requests be transmitted to the sending library from the student's home library- by fax, Ariel, OCLC?
For now, KCVL ILL requests will be transmitted like any other ILL request.

Will KCVL requests be easily recognizable?
For now, no. In some cases, (perhaps most) you will not even be aware that the requester is a KCVU student because the requests will look like regular ILL requests. We are working with the Document Delivery subcommittee to create a KCVL ILL request form that would be easily recognizable but for now the requests will look like regular ILL requests.

How do I set up the Ariel system?
Try looking through Ariel FAQ from RLG. If this does not answer your questions, call the help desk and ask for Jackie Kinder.

Does Ariel require a static or fixed IP address?

Can we use a host name for an IP address instead of numbers?
The short answer is, you can use a host name as long as that host name defaults to the same IP address every time. If not, then you'll have problems. The long answer is: However, by using a host name you are creating an extra step for the DNS (Domain Name Server) which has to convert the name to numbers. If your DNS is down and you are using a host name, Ariel users cannot contact you. If you are using a numerical IP address and your DNS is down then users can still contact you.

Will we get training on the installation/use of Ariel?
Yes. The training sessions have just passed. You can see more details on what was covered on the Ariel Training Web page.

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