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The KYVL listservs are a means of communicating information among one another about KYVL services, databases, training, or issues/concerns.

There are three KYVL listservs: Reference, Document Delivery, and Systems. The membership of these lists are the library contacts for each institution and were chosen by the library director.

If you are on these lists for your institution, you should forward pertinent email to your colleagues.

If there is a change in your email address, phone numbers, or your institution's contacts please email us at [email protected] so that we can update the lists.

Please Remember:

When you use the reply command in your email system your reply will be sent to the entire list. If you intend to reply to the individual who posted a message to the list, please forward the mail message and re-enter the individual's email address. Don't forget to check the address that your email is going to before you send it.

Archives of the Lists:

Last Updated: 4/15/01

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