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  • If you interested in additional promotional items (note pads, bookmarks, table tents, etc) for your library contact Tammie Clements at [email protected] or call the number at the bottom of the page. 3/2/00

  • We will be mailing Gateway: Dr. Thomas Walker and the opening of Kentucky to all participating libraries in March. This is a new 100-page book written by David Burns and published by the Bell County Historical Society. Mr. Burns wants to give this book to libraries for teachers and students to use and KCVL will facilitate this. 2/2/00

Database Access

  • The Collections Subcommittee needs your help evaluating Encyclopedia Britannica. We have the option of subscribing to Britannica or using the Britannica that is free and open to the world. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Please read more and take the survey here. 2/7/00

  • The Intermediate Britannica for younger users is available from the Britannica site. Go through the "Catalogs and Databases" button and choose "Encyclopedia Britannica" link at the bottom of the lists of databases. Britannica Intermediate is available in the right hand gray bar. The icon is the lowercase letters EBI with a yellow swoosh. 2/2/00

  • All of the databases contracted through KCVL are now available through the "Catalogs and Databases" button. Worldcat and Union List of Periodicals have been added.

    If you prefer to access all KCVL databases via the gateway using the WebZ interface, you don't have to do anything. If you do want to use the native interfaces, you can put the URLs
    http://search.epnet.com/ for EBSCO databases,
    http://newfirstsearch.oclc.org for FirstSearch, and
    http://novelist.epnet.com for Novelist on your website.
    EBSCO and FirstSearch will allow you to customize their interfaces for your library. Please email Tammie (at [email protected]) to get your administrative ID/Password to do this.
    Please contact EBSCO Technical Support directly at: 800-758-5995 if you have questions on customizing EBSCO's interface. 1/14/00

Document Delivery

  • The bid for Ground Courier Services was issued on February 1. The deadline for submission is February 22. The evaluation committee will then review the submitted bids that met the bid criteria. 2/2/00

KCVL Training

  • We are planning ongoing training sessions. At this point we plan to conduct sessions in late September/early October and again in March of 2001. If you can host a session, please contact Tammie at [email protected]. So that we can do hands-on sessions, we are looking for computer labs with 20 workstations which will fit 20-40 people (sharing a computer). 3/2/00

  • More than 320 people attended the November Basic training sessions. 1/14/00

KCVL Website

  • We've just added verbal directions to go with the map to CPE. See How To Reach Us in the "About KCVL" section. If you have been here before please check them and let Susan ([email protected]) know if there need to be any corrections. 3/2/00

  • We're trying something new on the front page. You may have noticed a yellow space with an alarm clock ringing in it. We will be using this space to draw some attention to some aspect of the site or anything cool that we'd like to showcase. We currently anticipate that items in this space will only be there for a few weeks. 3/2/00

  • Have ideas on how the site should be improved? Want to tell us what a cool site it is? Drop us a line: [email protected]. We're glad to hear all comments and ideas. 3/2/00

KCVU Enrollment

  • KCVU Enrollment is at 1700+ students for the Spring semester.3/2/00

Last Updated: 3/2/00

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